Shark Tanks Herjavec Says Bitcoin And Blockchain Are Here To Stay

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec says Bitcoin is here to stay for the long run, crypto currency will definitely be regulated, and investors will both come in and go out now, according to an interview with Financial News Outlet TheStreet.

While Herjavec says that he himself is not an investor in crypto, he predicts that Bitcoin’s price continues to rise in the short term, even in January no more than 20,000:

“It takes so much, I’m saying it right now.”

He believes that the crypto curves should and will be regulated, and that as soon as solid legislation comes closer to reality, the price of Bitcoin will continue to speculate but then fall down.

Based on this thought, Herjavec tells in the long run, while Bitcoin is letting TheStreet say, “I do not know if you want to own Bitcoin right now. I think you want to come in and you want to come out,” a mentality who opposes the traditional crypto-geeks desire to “hodl” who holds your coins.

In addition to Shark Tank, Herjavec is CEO of the Cybersecurity company Herjavec Group.

When asked about the security of encryption currencies, Herjavic does not consider cryptic exchanges themselves “prone to major security”, referring to the over $ 500 million hacking in the NEM of Japanese-based crypto coincheck last month, but the cryptocurrency transactions are safe.

In response to a question about Blockchain’s future, Herjavic believes that Blockchain shows much promise because of its “inherent security for a transaction”. He predicts that 10 years in a row, due to the power of Blockchains:

“I will go somewhere and a sensor will automatically know that it is me, the sensor will be linked to my bank, it will know how much money I have, I get something like at the Amazon store, it will automatically be scanned, and when I leave it will automatically be verified and paid. “


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