Petro the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, do you know what it represents?

Greetings steemits, before the proximity of February 20 date in which the sale of Petro, (cryptoactive backed by Venezuelan oil, gas, gold and diamonds) grows the expectation before what it would represent given the current situation of the country, I comment some important information:

  • The first issue will be 100,000,000 Petros.
  • Unlike other cryptocurrencies, this will not be minable, it will be preminated and subject to the Venezuelan State.
  • Use the BlockChain technology.
  • Each Petro will have a nominal value of 1 barrel of Venezuelan Petroleum (about 54 US $).

Now, all the above looks wonderful on paper but … when investing in this cryptocurrency you see the background that implies, because in my opinion when investing in Petro we would be oxygenated and giving fresh resources to a regime that has to the Venezuelan people in the deepest recession and misery, a regime that violates human rights, where there is no independence of powers and they are submissive to the whims of the dictator.

Venezuelans are in a situation where people die from diseases that are easy to treat (and eradicated in most of the world) with the appropriate medications such as measles, tuberculosis, malaria, etc. Supposedly with the obtained resources they will buy medicines and other necessary supplies but … if they have not accepted humanitarian aid free and of interest from other countries, which makes us think that these resources will be used in it ?, with the insanity of the regime buy more weapons and shield themselves in power.

In summary, think well before investing in this, you could benefit from the blood and pain of many Venezuelans.



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